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Summary: DCCWiki has implemented a system to track various pricing of products from various vendors.

The vendor pricing system is very young and is still under active development. Expect this article to change as the system is being developed.

Suggesting New URLs for a product

Typically URLs are auto-guessed using data collected from the vendor's webpage. However, some vendors do not use standard SEO tags to mark the product page information correctly. Our system prioritizes these tags first when determining which page to select. It also looks at the content for each page as part of the URL selection ranking system. However, a webpage might be selected incorrectly. The following method allows you to update an existing URL for a vendor.

The vendor must exist before adding a URL to the vendor. If the vendor is missing, use see Adding Vendors below.

To update a vendor's URL for a specific product:

  1. See section above titles Checking Prices. Typically it's found while viewing the product details it self. This can be found from the Lists drop down at the top of the page (or expanding the menu when viewing the site on small screens).
  2. While viewing the list of prices for vendors for the product, click on the pencil to edit this item.
  3. From the details page, you can either:
    1. Suggest a New URL and follow the wizard, or:
    2. Use one the already Auto Found URLs and click on the green hand that looks like .

Adding Vendors

Main article: Help:Adding vendors

New vendors can be added to the system for collecting additional DCC product prices. See the Adding vendors article for details.

See Also

  • Adding vendors - Request new vendors be added for tracking DCC product prices.
  • All products - All products that are currently being monitored for prices.