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The Power Cab has an overcurrent sensing circuit for basic self-protection which will continuously attempt to reset itself until destroyed. Neither the Power Cab or the P114 power supply have circuit breakers or fuses. Using a DCC circuit breaker such as NCE's EB1v1.1 is strongly recommended to protect your Power Cab from damage.

NCE did include a software fix (1.28b) which would disconnect power to the track if an overcurrent event was detected in the booster output. It would disconnect and reconnect the track power until the short was cleared or the Power Cab itself was damaged. If the short was not corrected and promptly cleared, the Power Cab would overheat, resulting in damage to itself. Do not leave a Power Cab unattended while operating a train.

For this reason, NCE recommends a circuit breaker on the output of the Power Cab. Their EB1V1.1 was designed with the Power Cab in mind.

Other manufacturer's devices can be used, but ensure they can operate at the lower current levels of the Power Cab.