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SoundTraxx: SurroundTraxx

Summary: SurroundTraxx DSP80 is a multi-channel surround sound system marketed by SoundTraxx which enables sound on a DCC layout without installing sound equipped multifunction decoders in your locomotive fleet. This is an advantage to those modelling in a smaller scale, such as N or Z, where space is at a premium within the body of the locomotive.

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General information
DCC Category
Manufacturer SoundTraxx
MSRP 625.95625.95 USD <br />555.12 EUR <br />469.12 GBP <br />876.09 AUD <br />797.26 CAD <br />
Manufacturer Part Number 840001
Common Name
UPC Number 812165021246
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Year Released
Year EOL
Misc Details

It relies on the Digitrax transponding technology to determine where a locomotive is, then steer the sound to an appropriate speakers. It is basically a real-time surround system using multiple speakers to create a sound field. It is built on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to create and steer the sound. It has 10,000 sound combinations available and can store the parameters for up to 99 locomotives.

The SurroundTraxx DSP80 is a LocoNet device, enabling communication between the Digitrax DCC system controlling the trains and the sound system. It relies on a Digitrax BDL-168 and RX-4 interfaces (which provide the transponding feature) to determine where the train is as it moves along the track. The locomotives must be equipped with a transponding capable Digitrax decoder, or an additional TL-1 transponder.

The DSP80 is a small device. Speakers are not included. It can provide sound for up to six locomotives at a time, from a selection of 99 sound files stored in The Roundhouse. It can drive up to six speakers to create "sound zones". Any 8 ohm speaker will work, including subwoofers. The SurroundTrax has a 25W output to the speakers.

The advantage is you don't need sound decoders, and the speakers can be much larger than would be possible, even in a G scale locomotive. This will enhance the sound reproduction. It also allows small scale modellers, such as those in N scale to enjoy sound without a lot of problems finding and installing decoders and speakers in a small space.

For more information, see the SurroundTraxx Website.

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